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About Chibog Pinoy

Chibog Pinoy was established in July 2016 by the duo Alex and Ken all for the love of everything delicious and good. They conceptualized Chibog Pinoy as an all-in-one place where you can learn new recipes through quick video tutorials as well as discover new places for foodies like them to discover!

Robert 'Ken' San Diego

Meet Ken, the first half of the Chibog Pinoy duo. He is a native of Pampanga - the culinary capital of the Philippines and he definitely loves to eat!

What do you think makes Chibog Pinoy unique?

What makes Chibog Pinoy unique for me is that not only do we share our foodie adventures, we also share our culinary discoveries from our kitchen so that readers can try it as well at home.

Why did you decide to team up with Alex for Chibog Pinoy?

Alex is a good friend of mine and he's a well-experienced blogger for almost a decade already. We both love to eat and experiment in the kitchen during our free time, so I thought why not just share what we love to everyone - Chibog Pinoy is the output of that.

Get in touch with Ken via email at ken@chibogpinoy.com
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Meet the other half of Chibog Pinoy - Alex, he is not a newbie when it comes to blogging with a decade of experience. Just like Ken he loves eating, but he's a self-confessed frustrated chef that loves experimenting in the kitchen.

Why did you decide to do Chibog Pinoy than sharing it all on your current blog?

Well, aside from my love of eating I also love cooking and I really can't share it on my other blog www.alexbamin3d.com because it's not actually purely a food niche blog. Also, it has been my plan for a long time to open up a food blog but I didn't get the chance. Now that I have someone like Ken to do it with me, I think it's a great time to start that plan and make it into reality with Chibog Pinoy.

What is your goal for Chibog Pinoy?

Our goal for Chibog Pinoy is simple, it's to share our culinary adventures through articles, photos, and videos. Also, we would like to have a blog that feels homey for everyone instead of being formal. Of course, we would also love if we get a big viewership base in the Philippines. haha

Get in touch with Alex via email at admin@chibogpinoy.com